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Sia McKye's Review of Heart of the Highland Wolf
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Sia McKye
Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

This story is wonderful blend of contemporary suspense; romance, with just the right mix of paranormal. Terry has a wonderful sense of humor and you can’t help but laugh out loud at some of the situations. The cast of characters is well-drawn and distinct with strong family ties with Ms. Spear’s trademark pack dynamics.

What I love about Terry Spear’s series, especially in this particular story, is this isn’t fantasy. It’s set in the real world and crafted in such a way you feel there could actually be werewolves hiding in plain sight.

Terry sets it in the Highlands (yay!) and combines a touch history (how can you not?), a secluded castle, a ghost, a family feud going back generations, a hidden betrothal contract, and a villain who’s determined to take what he sees as his right, Julia Wildthorn. One tough and mouthwatering Scot Laird (Ian) who has already determined that Julia is all his and said villain will take her his dead body. Believe me, Sutherland tries.

Did I mention there is not just one sexy Highland wolf, but four of them! None of them are quite prepared for two independent and unprotected female (what is wrong with their pack leaders anyway?) American werewolves in Scotland, especially one who writes (gasp) werewolf romances.

This is such a fun story to read. I love that Terry has set this and the next one in Scotland (I’m hoping a story for each brother).

Let me go on record and say, Terry Spear just gets better and better.

Terry Spear's sexy Highland wolves can bite me any time.