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Seduced by the Wolf, 5 Klovers, Crystal of CK's Kwips and Kritiques
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Crystal of CK's Kwips and Kritiques
CK's Kwips and Kritiques

Cassie Roux is red lupus garou. As a child, she was accepted into a pack of real wolves, who cared for her during the difficult years after she lost her own werewolf pack. Her love and gratitude for the wolves led her to become a wolf biologist, traveling the globe to save the wolf and educate the public on this special species. Then Cassie stumbles into the territory of Leidolf Wildhaven, a red lupus garou pack leader. Leidolf has his own problems unifying and healing his new pack, but the scent of an unmated female lupus garou soon diverts this lonely wolf’s attention in a new and delightful direction.

Seduced by the Wolf is the fifth werewolf novel by Terry Spear. While totally a standalone novel, it also allows fans brief glimpses of the continuing lives of characters from her previous novels. I love, love, LOVE this novel! I wish I had more than 5 klovers to offer. Cassie and Leidolf steam up the pages with a delightful courtship dance, and the subplots of secondary characters are just as intriguing and well developed. All the realistic wolf behavior shows the author has done her research homework and adds depth and color that makes the action leap from the pages.