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Joyfully Reviewed: Savage Hunger
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Joyfully Reviewed

Terry Spear takes her readers on a wild ride through the Amazon with Savage Hunger. Connor, Kat and Maya make an interesting team in the story.  I found their unity to be thrilling and heartwarming.  Connor and Kat have intense sexual chemistry but I really like the relationship that Connor has with his sister and then the sisterly relationship that Maya builds with Kat as well.  These three people are destined to be a family and I really enjoyed their story.  Ms. Spear does an excellent job of immersing her reader into the Amazon world.  I definitely felt I was running through the jungle with the characters.  There are some incredibly hot scenes between Connor and Kat that were fantastic.  I love that the story deals with post-traumatic stress as well.  Kat has been through a huge ordeal and then is forced to make another huge life change.  I like how the story explored her feelings of insecurity during all of this.  Savage Hunger is a shifter suspenseful treat that you don’t want to miss.