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Dreaming of the Wolf, Merry Genre Go Round Reviews
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Harriet Klausner
Merry Genre Go Round Reviews

In Breckenridge, Colorado, pack sub leader (to his older brother) Jake Silver stops at Cliffside Art Gallery to leave his latest popular photographs.  However, the gallery is closed until later in the morning due to a family emergency.  With time to waste, he notices a beautiful woman acting suspiciously before entering a restaurant.  Jake follows her inside as she piqued his wolf.  However, a brute accosts her and other brutes are outside.  Unable to sit idly by, Jake enters the fray.  He extracts her from the mess without a fight for now.


Alicia Greiston explains she is a bounty hunter after Danny Massaro and Mario Constantine as this case involves the mobsters who arranged the murder of her mother.  Attracted to one another, Jake joins Alicia’s quest.  As they fall in love, they face the mob.  At the same time the lovers wonder if they survive the gauntlet will their love endure too.


The latest exhilarating urban romantic werewolf thriller (see heart of the Highland Wolf) is a great entry starring a fabulous duet battling against mob goons.  Filled with an intriguing paranormal twist, the queen of werewolf dramas Terry Spear provides a powerful tale as she makes her mythos seem real due to the author’s blending of wolf pack culture into a great tale of love and war.