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I’ve often been asked, “Do you base your characters on real people?”
Will honestly answering this question put me in jeopardy?
 Truthfully, my characters are all made up from scratch. Just like I make my meals. A little bit of this, a lot of that, some of this, and voila! The perfect creation!
So how does a character evolve? Through actions and reactions.
Take my werewolves for instance.
 Let’s say you’ve been bitten and turned into a werewolf. How would you react? Depends on your personality, right? If it would fit in with your lifestyle. If you could keep it secret from your family and friends. Or have to leave them. Or have to turn them, too. What about Great Aunt Petunia? What would her reaction be to being turned? Or a teen vs. a child? A recluse vs. a swinger?
 Characterization is showing a character at his best and worst. How he deals with conflict, love, issues, whatever he is facing. Adding flaws make them characters—the perfectionist who can’t help himself as he continually tidies up an already neat room, the realist who can’t help telling the optimist what REALLY is going to happen, the pessimist who insists we’re all doomed.
Giving characters quirks can make them real. We can relate. Ohmigosh, that’s Uncle Michael, the neat-nick! Or, that’s Misty Moon, who definitely lives with a half empty glass.
In that respect, they are based on real people. People you know; people I know. The names and ages and occupations have been changed to protect the guilty and innocent.
But in reality, they are fictional, just as werewolves are. I have to say this because they live in secret, you know.

So if you are reading one of my tales and wonder if this person is really based on someone real, he or she is…as real as my imagination can make them.
Hope everyone will check out the wolf series and see just what kind of characters are in them. I just had a fan mail that said one of my characters in Destiny of the Wolf reminded her so much of her friend. Hmm, you never can tell, after reading the books you might just find a whole lot of people you know after all! Terry"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."www.terryspear.com