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This is me with all the bright eyed kids home. Note, one kid is a bit sleepy. They were too! LOL

My son has an impacted wisdom tooth that's been killing him. His wife came down with a cold. My son in law is allergic to my house. And my daughter and I are doing fine. Fingers crossed.

So I'm off to work this morning for a short while, then I have to get a new monitor because???? Mine is going out on me. That was the verdict from all 5 of us computer whizzes. No loose connections. No computer malfunctions. Just one dying monitor. :(

And that's the news from here. We've had wonderful feasts. Terrific game playing company. I haven't won one of the games yet, but I'm just giving everyone a false sense of superiority, and then...yeah, like the poker player who is really a card shark, I'll show them all what I've got.

In my dreams/stories. LOL I died during one of the games 4 times yesterday. That has to be an all time record. And twice my daughter instigated everyone to gang up on me to kill me off. But she didn't win anyway. Karma. You know. LOL

Today I'm at You Gotta Reviews Guest Blog talking about before you gotta read this, the writer's gotta write it. And a free giveaway is yours for one commenter!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!! I've got to get to work! So I can get off work...and play.

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality! Or is it the other way around?"

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Happy New Year, Terry!

Dear Terry,

I love your blogs!!! I always read and admire your creativity expressed in your thoughts and pictures. You are an encouragement to a wannabe like me because you consistently display the joy of living your passion of writing!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Mary Walsh