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Writing Under the Influence!
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[180px-Cannon_Beach_02.jpg]What influences you to read a book? The setting? The characters? The plot? The suspense? The humor? The sexiness? The thrill? So see, as readers, we even read under the influence. :)


So what influences us to write?

In Destiny of the Wolf, the heroine was in a vehicle accident. I was in that accident. I saw the air bag inflate. Felt the pain from it. Also in Destiny of the Wolf, the heroine must rappel off a mountain. I've done that. She turned upside down by accident. Who would do such a thing on purpose? :) Except when I did it, that time was off a five-story building. And it was embarrassing. So what influenced me to write scenes like this? Actually living them, except changing them a little to suit the story...different time of year, different location, werewolf vs. human. LOL :)

What influenced me to write To Tempt the Wolf was that I used to visit the Oregon coast a lot when I lived in Tigard, suburb of Portland. And I loved it. But I also had read some historical stories where a hero had been shipwrecked and I'd always loved the premise. So instead of shipwrecked, Hunter Greymere faces a werewolf pack and ends up in the Pacific Ocean, rescued by the heroine, Tessa Anderson, who soon needs his protection. We were on the coast road in the wintertime while some wild---I won't say what my dad actually called them, kids tore on past us in the icy conditions. Sure enough, we went around a bend in the narrow road and their car had left the road, only stopped from barreling deep into the gorge because sturdy fir trees had stopped them. But they were in a precarious way even so. So yep, that was in the story too. Plus I'd read about an Army Special Forces officer who had ended up in a ravine like that and with broken bones and freezing weather conditions, managed to finally crawl his way up to the road after hours of making the effort, knowing he'd never be found and die if he didn't. So stories like this help to influence me to write some of my scenes.


In my current work in progress, Seduction of the Wolf, I was totally inspired by the stories of wolf bioligists and how they try to educate the general populace about wolves. So my heroine happens to be a wolf biologist...werewolf wolf biologist. :)

In Legend of the White Wolf, I was talking to my son about silver poisoning over a fajita dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and he pulled out his phone and started researching it. LOL And that became the basis for part of my story. I also loved that the ancient Cree in some areas thought wolves were divine or magical creatures that had come down from heaven when the aurora borealis danced across the night sky, hence, the legend of the werewolves. :) So definitely, research influences. :)

The question then is do you read or write under the influence???




(c) Terry Spear, 2009, Whimsical Muse