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Wolf Fever's Book Trailer!!!
Every day is one day closer to Wolf Fever's Release! Have a peek at the book trailer I made for fun!
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So you all probably thought I've been goofing off the last two days, but nope, I've been in the middle of movie making madness!!! I'm behind. I need to still make one for The Accidental Highland Hero and I'll make one ahead of time for Heart of the Highland Wolf!!! The pictures I took in Scotland will be nice to add to those movies. But what do you think of Wolf Fever??? Hmm, to be Carol in this feature! :) Some women have all the luck when it comes to finding the right alpha male... I think I've had trouble with showing youtube on here before, so if it doesn't show up, here's the link to go to:



I also had a wonderful turkey dinner with my daughter and her boyfriend yesterday and managed to get two more interviews done! Hope you all had a delightful weekend. I'm back to working on SEAL, trying to make my word count after being a film producer--haha!--all weekend! Terry "Giving new meaning to the term alpha male." www.terryspear.com