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Wild Flowers by Terry Spear

I have no idea what the purple flowers are. The wind was blowing really hard so the flowers blurred a bit.

 Can't think of the name of the yellows ones.

But the bottom are pink buttercups. They're growing profusely all over. :)

The Winged Fae (Book 3, World of Fae)

  Serena, a royal member of the Mabara winged fae, has one goal in mind. Stop an impending marriage with a dark fae. As the fae are known to do, she stirs up trouble that she hopes will make her point and get her off the hook. Only nothing goes as she plans. 
Niall, a royal member of the Denkar, aka the dark fae, is visiting South Padre Island when he catches a winged fae painting graffiti on a wall on the island claimed by his people. He is at once fascinated with the lovely girl and intrigued by her audacity, but as one of the Denkar, he must take her to task. Yet she's armed with a sleeping potion that makes his life intolerable. Between freeing her from his people's dungeon, her own tower, and fighting a knight in her honor, he wonders if he's lost his mind over one beautiful winged fae--when she's betrothed to his cousin!      Ebook: Kobo Amazon Barnes and Noble
ARe Smashwords   Paperback: Amazon Barnes and Noble

I'll be over the halfway point this week on Jaguar Heat! And then it's a downhill slide as all the pieces begin to fit together. :) Do you ever wonder how that all happens? I do too!!!

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

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