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When Puppies Steal Your Heart

 This used to be a clean living room. Now it looks like a kid's room. Only it's the puppy's room instead.

Wolves play with their pups. Both the parents and the rest of the pack. They teach them what to do and not to do. Most of life experiences when they're young are a way of teaching them how to survive when they get older.

Sir Rilo, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, 8-week old puppy has human playmates to love him and adore him forever.

One of his favorite chew things--an old box, and lying in it is grand too, and a chew stick, puppy size. :) My Lab would go through these chew sticks, the big ones, and for Christmas we would get her a foot-long one.

When we brought the standard poodle puppy home, smaller than Rilo in size at that age, Dusty, the Lab, growled at her when she tried to chew a wet slobbery end of the foot long rawhide bone. Now Dusty was the sweetest dog toward any animal or man, but when it came to her rawhide chew bone, even though it was a T-Rex size and the puppy was too little to make a dent in even one tiny piece, Dusty was not Miss Nice Guy.

Happy Hump Day! Did you ever have a toy that you didn't want to share with anyone else??

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