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Werewolf in a Kilt-aka: Heart of the Highland Wolf!
Two giveaways at Fang-tastic Books!

Giveaway at Fang-tastic Books--talking about Werewolf in a Kilt (aka: Heart of the Highland Wolf)!!! And I'm at Casablanca, Owing a Debt of Gratitude...

Okay, I have to call my editor today--she LOVED The SEAL in Wolf's Clothing, so that's the good news!!!

Heart of the Wolf just got picked up to have a featured ad in a new magazine, The Book Breeze, with a last minute deadline, so I was scrambling to get that ready, and I'm really excited about that!

And I'm off to write on Jaguar, but I'll be getting editorial suggestions from Deb today on the changes she wants on The SEAL in Wolf's Clothing in a little bit, so I may have to put the poor jaguar aside again.

Such is the problem with the wolves. They think they get priority over the jaguars!!! But there ARE more of them!!!

Have a super day!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."