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Wall Paintings, and the Great Tree Mystery Solved by Terry Spear

Remember the very austere bedroom scene from yesterday? The metal bed, no mattress, broken window? Well, see if we add a little wall mural, that will make it all the better. Warm colors on cold nights. If you're a shifter, you'll look at all these yummy animals and have pleasant dreams about all the feasts you can have.
Now, I need to clarify a mystery...I posted this a while ago:

The biggest tree I have in the garden is the Silver Maple. After my parents planted it, they were told they don't grow well in Central Texas.

Tell that to the Silver Maple! I was just reading on it and it said that it's disease prone, weak wood, fast growing, not sure about an age, but it's been there for about 35 years. What you don't want to do is plant it anywhere near cement!!!

Well, sometime later, I am taking pictures of spiders:
I see acorns. Nothing unusual about them, right? Except I have no oak trees, I sit in the middle of a cornfield, and neither neighbor have oak trees. Well, I do have live oaks, but they're really little and not producing acorns yet. No squirrels about, either. So not like they could have run a mile away from some other place where someone might have oak trees with a bunch of acorns in their cheeks, to come to my back patio and drop them all over the place.

What do you all think???

Am I just making this stuff up? LOL

  The mystery is solved. :) 
When the man came over to give me an estimate on cutting some tree limbs, he looked up at the Silver Maple and said, "That's sure a beautiful Red Oak." Red Oak. Acorns.
No Silver Maple. LOL They must have had the wrong label on it at the nursery.
So the very huge, tall, 35-year old, acorn-producing tree is a Red Oak. Warning, don't plant it near cement. But otherwise, I'd love to have several more! :) 
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