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Twitter's in Trouble?
Coming Sept 1!!! Although for the past titles, some preorders were shipped a month early!
Carmichael Clan Bear

Doesn't take long for rotten people to get into what is a neat tool to make friends or spread the word about our interests and then cause real security problems. So now that twitter is being plagued by porno people and cyber hackers, what now?

I've noticed a lot of requests lately from "women" who have a certain look that make me believe they're not legitimate twitterers. And sure enough, the message, "Looking for hot guys," or something like that. I just delete them, of course. I'm not a hot guy. :) I just write about them. :)

I'm on Bebo also, though I haven't done much with it lately, and it seems it's plagued with the same problems. Many of the recent requests I've had are from porno stuff...looking for a good time, or some such nonsense.

It's been such a hectic several days, I don't remember if I mentioned, on Goodreads as an author you can apply for a special status and you're able to update the books that are listed. Someone had listed Deadly Liaisons on there, but no book cover was pictured, so I was able to add that along with publisher links. Plus a book that is no longer in publication was listed, and I was able to comment to those who were interested in reading it that I would be revising it and offering a free read sometime in the future. One person responded right away and said she'd review it. So people are reading those forums, and many are readers, not authors. We need lots of readers! :) I also mentioned that the sequel to Winning the Highlander's Heart is coming out...so you can start forums about your books...even though for me, it's just a few words about a sequel. It's just another way of getting the word out.

And getting the word out is half the battle. Until anyone knows we have a book out, it's pretty hard to sell it. :) Unless we're fortunate enough to be with one of the really big publishers and then, maybe everyone will know about it. But as a first time author, then again, maybe not. And if the sales aren't big enough, that might be your one shot at a claim to fame, and then it's over.

Did I mention about playing tag on Amazon? I noticed that there's another place below tags called searching tags. In this, you have to tell why you think a tag is appropriate for the title and then it has to be approved, which can take up to two weeks. I created some for 4 of my titles last Friday. They haven't been approved yet, so it takes a while. :)

I have noticed I'm getting well over 100 hits on my website per day. And this has correlated with sales. Remembering to update it all the time because of that is important also.

Off to another madhouse of a day at work. I'm trying to get some new material written on Seduction of the Wolf this morning, and yes, I'm way behind on wordcount! :(