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Top Ten Reasons Why Werewolves Won't Cheat on Their Mates!
Top 10 Reasons Why Werewolves Won't Cheat on Their Mates...right here in this book! :)

There is something totally wrong about the temperature going to 85 degrees today just a few days before Christmas. It's just wrong. :) Yes, yes, it's Texas, but even here we usually have more sense than that!

Then it'll be freezing on Friday. It's just not right!

Did I mention I'm behind a few times this week? Well, I did it again! It's all my daughter's fault! As soon as I get home from work, I check up on emails, but she keeps coming home to get me to help her study for her GRE. Which I'm all too happy to do, if she wouldn't keep wanting to eat pizza every single night! LOL But it throws me off my regularly scheduled email checks and catching up. Plus yesterday morning, I was busy sending The Wolf and the SEAL to my editor so I didn't have time for much else. But the mss is off!!! Woohoo!!!

Now to write the synopsis and the cover specs, etc.

So before I make this any longer, I wanted to share where I am today with all of you so that you can have a chance to drop by and say hi if you'd like!

Lynda at Star Crossed Romance gave a lovely review and is offering a free book giveaway! If nothing else, you've GOT to check out how she's making her gingerbread house cakes for Christmas!!! Now if I could only get her to send me a picture!!! Anyway, I'm talking about researching the story.

And Cindy at Cindy's Love of Books where she has the loveliest things to say also. Thanks so much for having me, Cindy! And I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday on top of that! I'm thrilled you picked up a copy of Wolf Fever for your birthday!!

And Love Romance Passion gave me this great idea to discuss--so please stop by for some fun!!! Top Ten Reasons Why Werewolves Won't Cheat on Their Mates!

Just look at the comment box and tell me, does it call you gorgeous too? :) Please stop by today and comment to win a chance at some free books!!

Now I've got to get ready for work. What to wear for a hot day in Texas? Forget Christmas sweaters today! :)

Have a great Tuesday!!!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."