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The Shifters Live Among Us! by Terry Spear

Second day of the tour and you'll find me here as Sharon Buchbinder's blog!

The Shifters Live Among Us!

I've been playing around with this photo to make a book cover for Dangerous Liaisons, vampire romance, so here is one of the before pictures...blue gray background, strange eyes, colorless lips...stay tuned.

Okay, I need a shifter to protect me!

Something has been going bump in the night around my bedroom window. I have a big planter next to the wall, no cracks between it and the house, yet one night I went outside to see what it was that was making such a racket, it sounded like it was behind the bed!


Back up a week or so ago, and I put my garbage out on the front porch, planning to take it to the road the next morning. It had chicken packages and they can smell really bad. Every watch Labyrinth? Well, everytime I smell something bad like this, I think of that movie and the bog of...whatever the stench was. LOL :)  "It smells BAD."

About a year ago, I quit putting out my garbage can because the wind would blow it into the culdesac which is about 5 feet deep, and it was dark when I'd get home from work, and I'd be running late for work in the morning--writing, blogging, you know, the usual--and so I started doing what my neighbors do. Just put out the bag.

Well, we have no dogs, no cats, the place is all farm fields, few houses. And something got into my garbage. I'd forgotten to get my mail, so here I am going out at ten that night, see the garbage everywhere, and grab my mail, then try to stuff the garbage back into the very ripped up bag.

I'm thinking, DNA samples from culprit--if it was a wolf or a jaguar, he's on my bad side.

I had aluminum foil on the ground that I'd used to cook the chicken on and when I went to pick up the foil pieces, they were crawling with fireants. Okay, forget picking up the stuff in the dark. I'd do it in the morning.  That meant I couldn't bring in the ruined sack either. It would be full of fireants also.

So I put the bag on the top of the planter. Now, It's about 4 feet tall or taller.

And the next morning, I was going to clean up the mess, put it in another sack, and guess what?

The sack of garbage is on the DRIVEWAY.

Spooky music here.

I've NEVER seen a raccoon. Skunks, yes. So I figure it was a skunk. But a skunk couldn't have climbed into the planter. It's too tall. And it has straight brick sides so nothing for it to use to climb up into the planter. Plus I had set the sack far enough back that a skunk couldn't have reached up and grabbed it and pulled it down.

Then one morning, I was having a nightmare about some outerspace story and this man had a gas mask on because something really bad was leaking all over the place, but I was dying because I didn't have a mask and the smell was something..like the pit of whatever stench.

I woke up because it was skunk! Right next to the bedroom wall.

So, do I have skunks living in my walls????

But still, how did they get into the planter?

Did I mention to you that I live in a jungle out here???

Have a great time and see what I have to say about The Shifters Live Among Us, just in case you didn't think they did!!!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"