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The FULL MOON...and What that Means for YOU! by Terry Spear

Today we have a full moon. And you know what that means?

The werewolves come out, according to old werewolf tales. But what is featured on a lot of paranormal covers? A lot of vampire covers? The full moon. Huh?

So when did the full moon become the paranormal symbol of the day?

When people do crazy stuff more often on the day of a full moon? When the crazies in the insane asylums (I know this is politically incorrect, but I'm going by the earlier terminology for demonstration as I'm thinking of Dracula and his sidekick who was eating bugs)...go even crazier?

Scientists say there is no correlation between crazy behavior and the full moon. In Full Moon by Ryan Dean, he talks about illusory correlation.

I agree. Just think if everyone is focused on a new moon, the veritable absence of a moon, and if tales were written about how everything that goes bump in the night comes out when there's NO MOON, then what?

Everyone would notice that the crazies were doing more crazy stuff on NO MOON days. Book covers would have black skies and NO MOON featured. And that would be the symbol of...spooky music inserted here...paranormal story--when the vampires and ghouls and werewolves show up.

And the human monsters, too, some of whom are way more scary and deadly than any made-up monster can be. But you know what?

The crazies and the human monsters do bad stuff any day of the year, full moon, no moon, any moon in between. It's just more noticeable on the days of the full moon. Why? Because people make a conscious note of it.

Or....is it?

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And if you're worried that the full moon might influence people's behavior in a crazy way, I just wanted to warn you today is a day of a full moon. Be careful. If you're a newly turned werewolf, stay home. It's best for your pack, you, and anyone that might encounter you.

Ever feel all the crazies came out during the full moon?

PS-- for all those facing the Frankenstorm, my best wishes to those living on the eastern seaboard that it's overblown and the storm isn't as devastating as they predict, despite it being a higher full moon tide. But it's always better to err on the side of caution than not, having lived in Florida and seen some of the devastation after hurricanes hit the coast.

We live in the tornado zone, so sometimes no warning at all.

All my best to those living in the path of the storm.

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