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Sunday is a Day of Rest!
Where attending mass started every day!


If I didn't get some writing done, I'd never get to it. In fact, I'm working on the newsletter early, early this morning first thing to get that off. I meant to do it after work last night, but I watched Monsters and Mazes--dumb movie, but it was funny because Tom Hanks was a college student in it! Tom Hanks was that young???

I was listening to a historical audio book where Sunday was a day of rest and they couldn't prepare meals or wash dishes or do anything. That's fine if you don't have a day job on Monday, but if you do, then it means getting up at the crack of dawn on Monday to do the dishes and then go to work.

And it means Saturday, you'd have the additional duty of having to cook the meal for Sunday.

And then Sunday, you just sit around and do nothing. What's the fun in that????

Nah. Sunday is a day of work. Getting caught up on everything, or some of everything that you didn't catch up on during the week. So that you're prepared for Monday. Or kind of. I don't think I'm ever prepared for Monday.

I'd rather believe in: Never put off tomorrow what you can do today.

Yep. That's my motto. Well, most of the time. Now, if I'd posted my newsletter last night, I would have really been living the motto.

Last night when I got home from work, I had an email from an artist, Deirdra, who sent me the most Powerful Woman Writer Award! Thanks so much to Deirdra, who makes the world a better place with her fantastical artwork!

Powerful Woman Writer Award

And now I'm truly off to work on the newsletter and will get that off to you!

Have a super, super Sunday, whether it's full of rest or happily productive! Make it the best!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."