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Storms! by Terry Spear



Okay, we're having thunderstorms and it's a mess. Mud in some areas....which meant dirty puppy paws. 


Which means--we had to get a welcome mat for outside, a rug for inside, gave puppy his first bath, and my daughter and son-in-law are learning all about child care in a puppy way. :) 


Plus, he discovered the holes in the fence and gate--that the property owner wouldn't replace, so we were out shopping for cement blocks to block all the holes. And in the freezing rain--it got really cold on top of that--we were placing them against the fences.


Corgis are really smart. Once he found the hole in the gate, that's the first place he ran to when I took him outside later. Surprise, surprise! Cement blocks are in the way.




 It's hard to see from this picture, but it's pouring, totally dark out, and we had quite a bit of thunder. 


Okay, off to get some writing done!


Ever have a pet or child that as soon as you tell him he can't do something, that's just what he wants to do? I think some of my characters in my books are like that, come to think of it. Don't you?


Have a super Thursday!!!


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