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Solving Life's Little Mysteries
Speaking of mysteries...this is YA psychic mystery!
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I've always loved mysteries, solving real life puzzles, working through options. They don't always work out, but when they do, it's the most satisfying feeling in the world. If everything always worked, if there were no mysteries in life, what would be the fun in that?

This is from someone whose lawn tractor wouldn't start and computer is on the blitz.  

I love computer role playing games like that also, from the mystery and complicated puzzle types to the hero quest type games. And stories with a mystery, too. 

At work, patrons turn in movies and books that don't belong to us, stuff disappears, stuff reappears, it's all a mystery just waiting to be solved.

I got my mower to work last night after work and was able to mow. *sigh* Another problem solved. 

And then I have my writing mysteries to deal with. What to do with my characters, how much trouble do I get them into, how do I get them out of the bind I put them in. :)

But also there are the every day--where-did-I-put-such-and-such mysteries. I won't find them until I'm not looking for them. Period. And unfortunately, I have a whole list of "missing" things I'm looking for. I've started to clean out stuff...supposed to be good for feng shui or something. :) I think it does work. I've already filled up 2 garbage cans and feel great! 

However, the computer is beyond my capabilities as far as puzzle solving, so I have to enlist my son to help me this weekend. But that's okay, sometimes you have to ask for help. As much as it's a lot more fun unraveling the mystery yourself.

Hope you have a super Tuesday! Storms threaten tomorrow and the next day, so may not have electricity or the satelite. :( I might park my car outside the garage tonight. :)


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