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Sold! Three More Books! Day 7 in the Countdown to Howl! by Terry Spear

It's the time of the Wolf Moon!!!

When is it time of the Jaguar Moon???

Thanks to Donna who sent this to me!! It's gorgeous!I'm halfway through the book on revisions...but still have a long ways to go. But it's getting closer!

Two more days of the Countdown to Howl, but I'll be posting the next phase of the tour after that. Four more blogs. :) 

In the meantime, enjoy the last of the Wolf Moon, because it's going to be Feb and you know what that means!!! Duncan is all yours! :)

Happy Hump Day Eve!!!

 And SOLD--
Not sure on titles, but these should be out in 2015!

Mistletoe, Mayhem, and the Highland Wolf
 Jaguar, Book 4
 A SEAL Wolf on the Auction Block

 A Howl for a Highlander

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Have a super great day!

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