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Romancing the Vampire by Terry Spear

Vampire First

First, you start with the vampire...offer him a neck, or some other succulent part of you to get into the mood.

Vampire romantic suspense, romance, paranormal romance, vampire romance, hunter romance
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Vampire Wine and Vampire Chocolate Next In the mood for a little wine and chocolate, vampire style? Well, you never know how good the night will turn out! The picture below is courtesy of Bonnie, who won these in a contest. What I want to know is where is the hunky vampire??? :) And when is she inviting us over to share them with her?

vampire wine, vampire chocolate, vampire food Vampire and Huntress  And then we're back to the vampire and what they do best. Or...well, this time the huntress has everything under control. :)

 Vampire romance, vampire romantic suspense, vampire love, paranormal romance,huntress romance

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Happy Thursday! It's back to the real world for me. But sometimes, it's fun to just fantasize. What about you?

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"