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Romancing the Dark Side Review and Electric Vampires!
Coming in December!

Thanks to Lori of Romancing the Darkside!

Romancing the Darkside gave a lovely review of Dreaming of the Wolf!

A steamy and suspenseful read for werewolf lovers!

Alicia Greiston is a bounty hunter seeking justice by tracking down the ruthless men who murdered her mother. While undercover, Alicia encounters a dangerous situation and the sexy Jake Silver comes to the rescue by pretending to be her boyfriend. Alicia is intrigued by the handsome stranger who acts as her knight in shining armor, but knows she has to keep her focus on the mission at hand. Not a huge believer in finding his true mate, Jake is a loner werewolf who is taken by surprise over his protective feelings for Alicia, she's unleashed the beast inside him and he'll stop at nothing to keep her safe.

Dreaming of the Wolf is a smart and sexy read with great romance and tons of twists and turns. Terry Spear creates a fascinating world of werewolves and portrays their lives, community and behavior in a realistic view never seen before in this genre. She captures the essence of what it would feel like to be a werewolf through human eyes flawlessly. Alicia and Jake are two strong-willed characters who complement each other with their tongue-in-cheek humor and off the charts chemistry. The romance develops quickly in the midst of all the action but always remains in the forefront of the story. The main characters spend plenty of time in each other's company getting to know one another which makes their attraction and relationship quite believable. It's pretty hard not to fall in love with the sexy, Alpha male that is Jake Silver!

This is a story of unexpected, yet passionate romance, family and suspense. There's never a dull moment and all of the character's personalities really shine through. We briefly meet Jake's brothers and family who are all just as charismatic as he is and will leave you wanting. A few fun surprises are also revealed throughout the story that make the happily ever after better than I could have hoped for! Dreaming of the Wolf has won me over and made me extremely curious about the rest of this series, I will certainly be adding them to my reading list. Heartfelt romance, sexy werewolves and a thrilling plot await you in Terry Spear's Heart of the Wolf series!

I had to show off the whole thing! It was great! Thanks again, Lori!

Okay, did I mention how I'm using power outlet strips, or whatever they're called, to try and reduce the amount of electricity I use when I'm not truly using it? Like keeping a microwave plugged in, or a counter oven? Or my tv, which I have had the strip for a long time, or one for my audio stuff?

Vampires gobble up the electricity all day long. And so I thought it might help a little with my electric cost. The month before last it was nearly $200. This month? $86!!!!! I'm in shock. It's not even been that low when I've been away from home EVER. Why? Because the electricity was sill being used even when I'm not truly using it!

I haven't trained myself to turn off the strips whenever I'm not using them every time, though I'm pretty good about the microwave and convection oven strip, which I'm sure uses a fair amount as both also have clocks on them. But after getting an electric bill that low, I'm thrilled! In the winter, my electric shoots up to around $450. I'm all electric, so I don't know if this will help much at all when the winter chill settles in, but we'll see! :)

Have a super day! I'm home trying to rest my voice and get well!!!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where reality IS fantasy!"