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Romance, Grandma? Really?

My good friend, Delia Latham, is on a tour for her new release and I wanted to share her story and her books with you!

Don’tcha just love love?

I do. I hope I always will. And that, my friends—just in case you’re wondering—is why a 50-something grandmother would write an entire series of books based around a Christian dating agency.

(To be perfectly honest, when I got the first little mustard seed of an idea, I was eleven years younger, had only one grandchild, and hadn’t yet written a novel at all, much less a series of them.) Here’s what happened:

Some years ago, I read a series written by an author I’d never heard of at the time. Her name was Shari MacDonald, and she had an amazing knack for humor. One of the books in that series grabbed me by the imagination and would not let go. (Elsewhere on this blog tour, I mentioned that novel, but couldn’t remember the author’s name. Isn’t it nice when miracles of recollection come along? I finally dredged it up out of my notably foggy memory. Well, that’s not entirely true. I finally fed the correct information into Google’s memory, and voilà, there was the author’s name, along with the title.) That book, A Match Made in Heaven, struck some kind of chord in me. It made me want to write the novel I’d been promising myself for years.

Now, let’s be reasonable here. That was over a decade ago. Don’t ask me what that pivotal novel was actually about—I don’t have a clue, other than there was a dating agency involved. It made an impression on me, and got me thinking about the matchmaking profession. Wouldn’t it be fun, I thought, to write about a place where Christian singles could go to find—in King Solomon’s words—“he (or she) whom their soul loveth”?

I stored the idea away in my brain, and every once in awhile, I took it out and played with it (not my brain—the idea). I wrote two inspirational romances, neither of which had anything to do with a dating agency, and got them published. I started a couple of other manuscripts, which I still haven’t finished.

Then I woke up one day and it was as though something clicked in my heart—like God was saying, “It’s time. Let’s do it!”

In a perfect world, I disappeared into my office and emerged three days later with a completed manuscript, painstakingly edited and ready to send to a publisher.

Uh-huh. Whoever said this was a perfect world?

No. I still wasn’t completely there. I thought about the idea while I was doing dishes; I mulled it over while driving down the road all by myself; I worked out a fun little scenario or two as I lay in bed at night, instead of counting sheep; I created and discarded a number of storylines and subplots. Weeks, months, and more months went into mentally laying the groundwork.

By the time I actually did disappear into my office and start writing, I had several nice little scenes all cozied up in my head, just waiting to be put on paper. And…I was no longer just writing a book based around a dating agency. Now it was a series. Three books, maybe more (depending on how well you like them). Plus, God threw in a real surprise for me.

My dating agency would be no ordinary, run-of-the-mill love connection. Sometime during all of those mental writing sessions, it received a touch of the divine. Now it had an extraordinary connection to Heaven.

I’d love to tell you all about it, but then there’d be no need to read the book(s). And I really want you to read the Solomon’s Gate Series.

Destiny’s Dream releases December 17. (Come on, admit it. You’re a little bit curious!) It’s available through White Rose Publishing and Amazon. I’m eager to hear what you find between its covers, because I’m thinking different people might find different things. Divine experiences often happen that way, you know…

While you’re waiting for your copy, come on over to my website and participate in the Daughters of Destiny contest. I’ve got some gorgeous prizes, and you’ll find ample opportunity to earn yourself a whole passel of entries.

I’ll leave the Gate open for you.

Delia Latham
Heaven's touch in earthly tales

Destiny's Dream (Coming Dec. 17) Yesterday's Promise Goldeneyes
Watch for Mine!, a children's book coming in 2011   See more White Rose Publishing titles in the December issue of RWR


 Thanks, Delia! I'm off to work, argh, and a book signing!!! Have a super Saturday! :)


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