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Remember When....
I love it when good accidentally happens. And James MacNeill might not seem like the perfect hero...but...he's all she's got!

Remember when I was griping about having so many blogs to do, every day!!! :) And still trying to keep up with word count and make it to my son's wedding and the RWA Nationals?

Well, here are some more of the places I had written for before all that happened and where I'm at today. It WAS a LOT of blogs! :) And more to come!




This is my LAST DAY of work at the library before we start moving it on Monday. So life will be really weird. The carpet at the new place will give people headaches it is the most awful looking busy thing. I wish the interior designer had to work there 24-7. And everything is retro. UGLY.

Okay, off to get ready for work!

Have a super Friday! I'm going to celebrate privately! It's time to close up shop and move! :) We're actually open Saturday too, but I'll be off writing about a SEAL and a wolf....

Oh, and my daughter and her boyfriend did NOT come over to fix my computer, but will on Saturday... *sigh* Hope the graphics card is all that ails it!

:) Have a great Friday!!!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."