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Reflections.... by Terry Spear

After the rainstorm, I was capturing reflections in the water--the clouds, the cypress tree, and the house. I really had planned just to take pictures of the plants with water droplets on them. But when I was returning to the house, I saw it in a double image in the water and thought how cool!

 In the picture above, water collected after the rainstorm on all the plants. This is a burford holly.

In the picture below, I was fascinated with seeing the water droplets on top of the water droplet on a rose. :)  Or is it bubbles of air in the water droplet?

Have I been doing too much writing???

Back to Jaguar Hunt! I actually wrote the end scene yesterday, though I need to write several pages leading up to the end scene now. :)

Welcome to our Virtual tour stop of Terry Spear's A Highland Wolf Wedding brought to you by Sourcebooks.

And I'm here today: Book Lovin' Mamas! With a giveaway!

I'm also still downloading narrated chapters of Highland Rake. My internet is so slow, I have to shut down everything, FB, emails, blogs, etc, can't have anything running in the background. Even so, it takes me half an hour to an hour or longer to download a chapter. But when I'm all done, I can okay the production, and it'll be off to the reviewers!

Have a super great Tuesday!

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