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PW's Best Book of the Year--Heart of the Wolf & Promotion
PW's Best Book of the Year!!!

Yes, I know, I've mentioned it already, three times now! But it's really, really big news. My publicist is making press releases as we now speak. So I wanted to talk again about promotions. Every time you get some good news about your book--finaled in a contest, got a book cover, MADE PW's BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR!!!, announce it. Talk about it on myspace, facebook, bebo, on Amazon.com. Did I mention the latter yet? If your books are at Amazon.com, sign up for Amazon.connect. It's mentioned on ways to help promote your book if you're an author or the publisher.

At Amazon.connect, you can post a blog. Neat, because potential readers who are actually looking at your book to buy, get to see all the news you have not only about that book, but your others as well. All you have to do is have your publisher/agent/editor verify you wrote the books and then link them in that way so that every blog you write goes to each of your book pages. :) So I post upcoming covers, upcoming releases, way before they're even available on Amazon, super reviews, even video book trailers!

And post video book trailers and your covers on myspace and facebook. I have sold several copies of my books to facebook fans, and had lots of hits and Amazon sales increased after I posted the trailers on myspace.

Did I mention that these are all FREE ways of promoting? Also, on the book trailers, I use free stock photos from places that allow it, and the same with the music, and I use windows movie maker....all free.

But back to Amazon connect, you can make book lists (mania lists) of your favorite books, and add your own. You can review other authors' works which helps to bring their fans to your site. Or even, I've had the authors or their fans post my reviews and my links all over the place. So of course the caviat is that you don't post negative reviews. If you hate a book, fine. Don't post anything. :) But if you love a book, let the fans and the author know. :) It doesn't hurt and might even help!

You can also write articles and download short stories on Amazon.connect.

Did I mention interviews? I had so many guest blogs and interviews I was doing, I was trying to come up with different things. One is to interview your characters...I did with a couple of minor characters who were real characters so fun to include some information from their point of view. I couldn't interview the main characters. Werewolves speaking about themselves in public? No way. You always must keep your characters in character.

I've got to post on my regularly scheduled Wickedly Romantic blog...I meant to prepost last night, but forgot. Guess what I'll be posting about??? Heart of the Wolf--PW's BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR!!!  Different audience, so maybe someone hasn't heard yet. :)

If you are so inclined, I can still use votes on the NORA nomination for best paranormal romance book--Heart of the Wolf! Voting continues through Dec 31.


More promotion tips to come. :)

Terry Spear


Heart of the Wolf (PW's Best Book of the Year!), Don't Cry Wolf (Mar 1), Winning the Highlander's Heart, The Vampire...In My Dreams