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5 Stars--Long and Short Reviews!!


At least 4 wolves bouncing through the snow in a healthy jaunt. Looks like fun! 

I'm here today talking about names and how much trouble they can be in writing! But also, I've been including things for Robin Fall's online magazine--writing tips, covers, excerpts. It's another excellent way to do a little promotion. She's on Facebook, if anyone's interested. 


Late last night I received 2nd edits for The Accidental Highland Hero, and they're great, easy, and I'll get them done tonight. But I also need advance reviews--all by Sunday, since I work early on Monday. So what to do? How many can give quick review quotes like that? I thought maybe one might, but so far 3 have promised to give it a shot. One is a published Red Sage author and critique partner, and two are reviewers who have loved my other works. A third I haven't heard back from, but is also.  I'll be thrilled to manage any that I can!

I have a couple of other cheerful notes--a fan in Chile who is from the US and whose mother sent her a care package, complete with all three of my first novels and she devoured all 3 books in 2 days. I loved it! And another from a fan who wanted to ask a question about a character who will have his own story in Book 5 and said how much she loved the books.

That's why I write! When readers can't wait to get to the end of the book to have that final satisfied smile, then are searching for the earlier books, or when the next releases will be out. Because that's just what authors' books I love do to me! :)

Ever want to skip everything and just read a book? 

Hope everyone has a terrific Thursday!


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