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Painting Your World with Color by Terry Spear

When I made the suggestion for the cover for Jake's story in Dreaming of the Wolf, I mentioned that he loves to take pictures of purple daisies growing wild in Colorado. That's his hobby--photography. I sent a picture of the Colorado wilderness covered in gorgeous purple daisies. But the photographer charged too much to allow them to use it on the cover.

So Pickyme came up with this cover--all in purple. It's artistic. Has a suspenseful look about it, and totally eye-appealing.

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Can you imagine Jake Silver any other way? I love it! 

Have you ever been somewhere and thought how dull and lifeless a room looks, but if you added a bit of color how much more appealing it would be? Note: the bedspread had been beige, so I added touches of black and red throughout to carry out the theme. I should have taken a picture of the room with the beige bedspread. Totally beige room. Lifeless.

The room is my favorite. It's not a color I would have normally chosen, but it works--makes it sophisticated, yet fun and welcome. I was trying to find a really pretty bedspread, and that made the room.

Used to moving or living in apartments, my family's mantra was everything had to be beige. Walls, carpeting, everything. In one house I had, I redid the floor in all peach-kind of terra cotta tile, and the walls in a like color. I had blue and white dishes. The rooms took on a warmer more welcome cast than plain beige.

When I work on covers, I play with the color. In this case, the photo for Bound by Danger was gray, the water, the people. So I brightened up the gray world into a brighter more tantalizing one.

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 In Deadly Secrets, they have white curtains behind them in the original photo. I tried using a title that would contrast more with the book, but I kept coming back to this with the same color but brighter.

And with In the Dead of the Night, they had a gray background, gray shirt. He's with a special government agency and they wore black T-shirts, so I changed the background to blue--I wanted the darkness to offer the image of "in the dead of the night" yet more of a blueish tone because I love blue and I think it makes it more appealing. I looked for black backgrounds, but it wouldn't have worked. And I changed his shirt color to black.

Amazon   In this one, they have a purple background, but it's a murder mystery and it's Valentine's, so I changed it to red. And his shirt was white, which made it look like an undershirt. I wanted it to be darker, more suspenseful, so I changed it to black.


Playing around with colors can be lots of fun. Both in real life and inside a book and outside.

Have you ever picked up an article of clothing and you thought it was all right...maybe loved the style and especially the price, but every time you go to wear it, you think it makes you look sallow or tired or just not you?

Warm colors like yellow and orange and red can warm a room. Blues and purples can cool a room. It's all an illusion, yet it works!

Oftentimes colors can have some perceived meaning--though in the US, it can be totally different to how another country perceives it. But for us, white is innocence, purity. Red is sexy and romantic, danger.  Purple is calming, yet also equated to suspense. Pink is sweetness. Yellow is sunny and warm. Black shows power and suspense. Gold--richness, elegance. By changing a color, we can paint our world.

In the book In the Dead of the Night, I describe the pink bathroom--one that I saw in a house that was for sale and we went to see--all pink. Everything. The carpet, walls, curtains, sinks--it was a pink house and listed on the market as Cloud 9. It should have been listed as Cotton Candy. :) The pink kind.

It was really cute, like a young girl's doll house except on a big scale. The story behind it? The lady was a widow and when her husband died, she turned the house into her little girl's dream home.

It was unique and though that was many years ago when I saw it as a young girl, it has always stuck in my memories--as pretty and pink.

Do you remember the first car you owned? The color it was? Mine was a stripped down 4-year old Pinto--blue--and we called it the Blue Bird. :)

What about you? Do you paint your world with color? 

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