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No More Books?
Where the wolves still read paperbacks. Guess they need to get with the program!

You've probably heard that Borders is closing a ton of stores. One was near Dallas where I had my first book signing at Valentine's some years ago. It's sad to see the stores go. The bad economy hasn't helped. They say it has to do with not keeping up with the ebook market.

I still can't read in ebook format. I look at a computer screen all the time while I'm trying to write, and for me, I love reading a paper bound book.

Here are the stores that are closing.

http://s.wsj. net/public/ resources/ documents/ st_borders0216_ 20110216. html

And here are some of the publishers that are owed money. I'm sure my own publishers are also. Which means we don't get paid either. And the staff for all the book stores will be let go too.

Penguin $41.1 million
Hachette Book Group $36.9 million
Simon & Schuster $33.75 million
Random House $33.5 million
HarperCollins $25.8 million
Macmillan $11.4 million
Wiley $11.2 million
Perseus $7.8 million
F+W Media $4.6 million
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt $4.4 million
Workman $4 million
McGraw-Hill $3.1 million
Pearson Education $2.8 million
NBN $2 million
Norton $2 million
Zondervan $1.9 million
Hay House $1.7 million
Elsevier Science $1.6 million
Publications Intl. $1.1 million

It affects people in so many ways that we can't even see. What will become of libraries?


I want paper books. I like the feel of them, the look of them, and even though I know that Nook looks more like a book, it isn't. I want to turn a page and slip in a book mark when I'm done reading for the time being.

What about you? Are you giving up on paper books to join the ebook revolution?

I do think it's fantastic, though. The idea you can take hundreds of stories with you on an ereader. What a savings that would be when taking trips. And if I didn't write and read on a computer so much, I'd probably love it too....

Hope you have a great Friday!!! I will! It's FRIDAY!!! And it's been another one of those weeks!

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I appreciate your soft sunny posts and always putting a goofy slightly lighthearted funny spin on stuff. I also am grateful you printed that list and let us see the carnage out there to the writing world. Gosh!

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Hi, Christine!

Thanks so much for enjoying my posts and saying so!

I was shocked to get a comment awhile back that felt like an attack because I don't write in--well, I'm not sure--a more literary vein?--and so haven't posted as much lately.

It's sad when someone feels the need to tear someone else down--who really knows why. And it's worse feeling like I can't have lighthearted fun because I might get additional comments like that.

But adversity can bring sunshine and I'm already thinking how the situation could make for a great character in a book.... :)

It's funny about the ebook industry because so many major publishers and even writing organizations were against them earlier on. You couldn't get recognition as a published author if you were epubbed, etc. Then the next thing I knew, many of the big publishers were all selling their authors' works in ebook form too. At first, I thought it was great because it was another distribution outlet for our books. Now, it's the greater part of my sales and that's even greater. :)

Now we have a new revolution--some writers getting rich off their own writing through ebooks. Hmmm.....

Thanks again, Christine!