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New Year and I'm Worn Out!

Okay, it's the brand new year and what do I get to show for it? I went to bed at 8 PM. Meant to do edits for Savage Hunger, deadline looming, but was too tired. Does that mean the New Year came in with a whimper?

*sigh* I really don't have time to sleep my life away! :)

I saw Dreaming of the Wolf on the Indie Book List this morning and thought that was cool.

I'm still at Casablanca with a free giveaway until Jan 4. Several of the Casablanca ladies are offering books for the New Year's Bash, so be sure and comment.

This is a jaguar shifter who can't remember why he was in the water with his pants on. :)

Got to take the grandbaby (a puppy) out in the bitter cold. I need my wolf pack to take her out so they can watch her. She has to go on a leash or she tears off into the cornfields. My son had to chase her down the first time he tried to take her out without a leash. And she squirms and bites at the leash, so trying to get it hooked on is a trial in patience. Since I'm in a hurry to get things done and to work on time, I don't have a whole lot of patience in the morning before work! :(

Before I left work last night, I had an unbelievable case...it went something like this--"I can't do it! It's against the law!  You have to do it."

"I will. Right here."

"No! No! Behind the desk! You can't do it out here. It's against the law."

If it's against the law, then I can't do it!

Okay, so I look up the book he wants and it's something religious. Raising brows. How is this against the law? Or something so terrible he will be struck down and carried away, ho-ho, he-he, ha-ha! Hmmm.... a cultist? Or something more bizarre?

Who says working at the library is an easy job?


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