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New Cover for Lady Caroline and the Egotistical Earl! by Terry Spear

I am writing, honest! Three more blogs done. I added 3 more, so that means I'm down to 10 to finish...again.


But I really wanted to change out the background on this picture and make the title clearer to read.


So what do you all think?  That's a Medieval background with towers in the back, but the Lady Caroline and her Egotistical Earl wanted to take center stage so they sort of blocked the town from view. Did I ever tell you how much my characters take over in a story? Even on the cover!




Lady Caroline has one mission in mind, helping her mother maintain their estates after her father's death, while knights posing as the earl's men continue to kill their livestock. But as soon as her mother wishes the earl's intervention, Caroline has a new problem--the earl is intrigued with her and wants her to reside at his castle and serve his mother.


Caroline refuses, but as the raids on her family's lands turn more deadly, Lord John Talbot forces the issue. Caroline continues to attempt to uncover who is behind the raids, and with her unnatural ability to remember details, she intends to see justice done.


The lady may be his undoing, but the earl decides she is the one for him and no other will do, if only he can keep her safe from the danger that follows her every move until he can wed her.


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