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More Misty Fog for a Spooktacular Halloween

More of a view of the fog on a nice Halloweenish day, albeit a bit early. This was a view of my neighbor's yard that normally you can see clearly. I'm always looking for neat foggy backgrounds for a vampire book cover, well, I had it!!!

Perfectly spooky, right?

All the ghosts and witches and wait, black and white kitties and a black and white panda bear? Oh well, they wanted to be part of the plan! My mother gave me the black and white kittens and panda. Except panda is distracted. Hey, look at the camera, this way!!

I had a black and white cat, Trixie, who was full of the devil and my baby for years. So I have a collection of black and white cats! Just pretend they are all black. :)

I'm here today!

10/12 Books and Beyond 

And tomorrow, I'll be at Romance at Random!! 10/13. 

Jaguar Fever now listed on Amazon!

And I wanted to wish everyone a terrific Friday!!!

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