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More Giveaways from Sourcebooks for A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing--Just Released!

Donna shared these with me. Aren't they beautiful? The artist does a wonderful job. :) Probably is a snow leopard, but for our purposes, she's a gorgeous white jaguar! LOL


I'm at Thoughts over Coffee today with Sia! So be sure and drop by for a chance at books from Sourcebooks!!! I have to say that I LOVE her rocking Celtic music on the site and I was just well, rocking this morning while writing my blog while listening to her music, wishing I was back in Scotland visiting all the castles! I have to say too that she fixed the cutest cup of coffee for me! Latte art featuring a teddy bear! I have to run to work in just a little while but what a nice way to begin the day!

And I'm talking about The Dark Fae, the World of Fae series at Uniquely Moi Books  : What would you do if...? ! She very graciously let me come to her site to explain all about the mischievous fae and why you shouldn't worry if some things go wrong in your life. It may not have anything to do with you! Isn't that great to know?

I have more pictures of the Japanese gardens to share, but I'm disorganized, external hard drive is still in suitcase...didn't even have time to unpack yesterday, and keep unpacking bits and pieces when I realize, AGAIN, that I need some important thing...like my curling iron, out of my suitcase. Off to send workshop notes to some attendees that didn't make it to my Happy Hookers class. Did I mention the room I was to teach in was double booked? So I ended up in a maze where no one knew I was there. But the good part was that we didn't turn on the AC and so the three of us that showed up had a good time! And were warm for once! :) I was lucky my roommate is also cold-natured, so we had the heat on instead of the AC. LOL

Happy Hump Day! If nothing more, you can just "play" Sia's blog in the background and enjoy the Celtic world through her generosity! Thanks, Sia! And your fabric came in yesterday from Scotland! Now I have to make up the bear!!! :)

And thanks to Uniquely Moi Books for having me also! She's an angel! It's good that she doesn't also have music playing on her blog too while I leave it in the background as I spread the word about it or I'd have a tough time of it!! :)

A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing's book trailer is also up at USA Today's Happy Ever After site! There are others if you want to check them out. :)

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