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Made it on First Line Contest!
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My vampire romantic suspense made it another week on the First Line Contest!!! 55 of the contestants left, another 5 to be eliminated next weekend. So I've been pondering my next line.

I'm guest blogging on http://pbdiva.wordpress.com today, if you have a moment and want to check out Paperback Diva's blog site, my interview, or maybe check with her about an interview of your own.

I'll be including the places where I'm having interviews or reviews, as they're posted. Great ways to get your works out there. 

Our publicist for Sourcebooks Casablanca authors posted this, soliciting blog sites for us to guest blog and do interviews.


So if you can get a publisher to do this, it could also help. Or if you want to do it for yourself, you could do so also.

Somewhere in my myriads of files on promotion stuff, I've got lists of places to contact for interviews and reviews. So that will take priority while I fill in my schedule. I've checked out some who only now take money for promoting your work, some who are defunct, and a few who are getting back with me. :)  My motto: Don't pay unless it's really worth it. Which for me means pay for book marks. That's one of the best marketing tools for me.

Here is another place to join if you're not already a member: http://morganmandelbooks.ning.com/profile/Tspear

I came across a book that talked about your Internet presence, particularly your website and how to encourage people to come back to it. I knew that, but it's easy to forget. :) Posting something new every day, just like on a blog, helps to promote returning visitors. So what do you add to a website? New quotes? New tips about something relating to your website? Sources for some theme related to your website where researchers can come to just click on all the links. I've known this, but never come up with something that I could update daily. Or something that would help others to use as a research tool. Yet, when I was brainstorming just now on what I could add, the list is phenomenal. Now, will I do it? Maybe. In the future. I've got to finish writing Plight of the Wolf. Without another book available to sell, that's the end of the promoting career.

So you have to weigh the time it takes to do some of these things, with the time you have left to do stuff that's really essential. Even if you have a resource list, you have to make sure the links are always current. Remember what I said about review sites? Several have bitten the dust. And there's nothing worse than having a list of links where half don't work. Talk about frustrating your visitors.

I'm off to clean a mess I made. A chemist/physicist I am not. Coffee hardened into a ball will not dry out in the microwave and become loose and grainy. It becomes The BLOB, heaving and moaning. The only thing good about the disaster is that the house smells like a heavenly coffee shop, and we have another new jar of coffee. :) If I had a blender, maybe I could have used that instead to break down the incredible hulk? I have a container of lemmon and pepper in the same shape.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to take the moisture out of it??? So I don't have to beat it to death every time I want to sprinkle some on my baked chicken?

Terry Spear


Heart of the Wolf, Publishers Weekly's BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR, NOR Reader Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance

Destiny of the Wolf (Mar 1)

The Vampire...In My Dreams, Winning the Highlander's Heart, Deadly Liaisons (Mar 31), Deidre's Secret (Mar)