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Legend of the White Wolf

I wanted to show an image of the cover of Legend of the White Wolf, [Book 4] but it's not coming out right. :( But the story is coming Spring of 2010, and is about Arctic werewolves living in Maine, how the leader deals with "hiding" his pack, and how two unsuspecting humans learn that not all wolves are the same, while they attempt to locate his PI partners and her father's stolen research. :)
The vote is also in. Leidolf has been in every one of the first four books and he will now have his own story in Book 5. Carol, the psychic in Destiny of the Wolf, was much loved and will have her story in Book 6. :)Each of the books is really unique, different characters, different locales, same werewolf world.In Heart of the Wolf, [Book 1] it's a reunion/triangle love story where the dynamics in red and gray packs are dysfunctional and the hero and hero must deal with the repercussions.In Destiny of the Wolf, [Book 2] the town is run by a gray pack, and humans are in the minority, while the hero is caught up in the heroine's troubles, stirring up problems in his own pack and turning his town and his heart upside down. In To Tempt the Wolf, [Book 3] coming Sep 1, the hero not only loses his pack, but his memories, only to find himself being rescued by a woman who quickly needs rescuing herself, but there's something totally unusual about the woman, which causes major problems, and a multitude of mysteries to solve. I dropped by a bank yesterday where one of the account managers had bought Heart of the Wolf, and she smiled and said how much she loved the real world that I had created. She'd expected werewolf monsters, not her thing. So she really enjoyed it. And hot? She said she had to take a couple of cold showers. :) She wrote down the list of upcoming books to buy. :)Then my son's friend said she'd bought Destiny of the Wolf in the South of Texas at a B&N and wow, she doesn't even read romance but she couldn't put the book down. :) So she's off to search for Heart of the Wolf and can't wait for To Tempt the Wolf to come out in September! Comments like that are what make my job as a writer so much fun. :) When you read a series, what is it that makes you keep coming back for more?Terry Spearwww.terryspear.com