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Lazy Lions by Terry Spear

Lots of animals were very active at the Cameron Park Zoo, but not the lions! Lazy old lion!

And here is a view of those BIG paws! They are huge. Imagine getting a swipe from one of them! In Savage Hunger, I mention how powerful a jaguar's paws are and one swat can either stun or kill its prey. Jaguars are the third largest cat. This lion is the biggest! :) So if a jaguar can do that, can you imagine what it would be like to get swatted by a lion???

Here are the lazy lionesses!

And here is the most active the lion was--when he stretched out his paws. I was hoping to get a view of his claws as he stretched, but wasn't able to. I think they were retracting just as the picture took.

In one of my books, I talk about how the heroine hears the lion roar on the wind because the beast's roar carries that far! I lived in Glen Burnie, Maryland and would hear the lion roar all the way from the Baltimore zoo occasionally!

Lions have prides, so he's got his two girlfriends. In the tiger exhibit, I'll show the momma and her three tiger cubs next.

Do you ever wonder why the cats are all so different? Why most run alone, but the lions have a pride? Laziness, maybe? I mean, the ladies catch his meal, and he doesn't have to go far for dessert afterward!


What do you think?

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