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Jurassic Park at the Zoo?

Do you ever see a movie or read a book and then see something later that reminds you of that story? First, I saw the Jurassic Park vehicle that would take care of stuff at the park where the dinosaurs are waiting to eat the people. But it isn't exactly the Jurassic Park vehicle. It's the Cameron Park Zoo van. Yet as soon as I saw it, I thought of the kids in that vehicle with T-Rex trying to eat them.

 Here, I thought about the difference in the sizes of the animals. The T-Rex in the background (aka as a giraffe), and the tiny little antelope or something in the foreground (aka one of the tiny predators that was running around eating stuff)....

Now, do you see why I write? Everything has a story. 

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day planned! What are you doing??? 

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