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Jaguars are Ready for Readers' Conference!

I'm nearly ready for my first readers' conference.  And I'm planning to have fun!!!!

But I'm really excited that today I'm getting my upgrade on my Internet!!!! I've been paying for Highspeed Internet (that's what it tells me on my bill) for 5 years! And the best part? It's the same price as what I'm paying now! :)

Have a super wonderful day. I'm hoping that when I do anything on the Internet in the future I will be able to do it and the site won't ever tell me: You need Highspeed Internet.

I'm cleaning out still and found spackling that I didn't know I had. Still can use it. But one thing I can't find is my copies of Savage Hunger. I've had this trouble before and couldn't find them, then discover them and tell myself--remember where they are next time. Yes! Only I don't. So when I locate them, I'm moving them to a new location. And then? I'll really not know where they are. Do you ever do that????

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."