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I'm Being Random, Again! by Terry Spear

I was trying to take a picture of a red rose and instead got a really good shot of bad bugs. They are bad, bad bugs. They bite. They aren't cute little ladybugs. And they are not good for your plants.

Okay, so here is the bur oak that was $20 and reduced to $2.50. Who could not adore it and want to take it home???

It's a good thing I can't buy wolf pups and jaguar cubs!!! I'd have a whole slew of them!

These are Chinese holly I just planted along the wall. Someday they'll provide a nice breaker for wind and dust from the fields when the farmer plows them up. :)  The live oak I planted to the left 5 years ago is still soooo small. It was supposed to provide shade during the hot summers and somewhat of a breaker, but it'll have to do that for some generations into the future at the rate it's growing! :)

Have a super lovely Wednesday!!! I'm here today! Giving away a book!~~A Howl for a Highlander!
Proserpine Craving Books 

And Heart of the Highland Wolf and Winning the Highlander's Heart (1 wolf book, 1 Highland medieval non-wolf book!), both autographed and to be shipped anywhere in the world!
Riverina Romance

Hope you all are having  lovely hump day!!!

I'm off to work! I LOVE my day job. And my night job. :)