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I Won! Now It's Someone Else's Turn!
Today is its official release!!! Which means, it should be in book stores everywhere! Autographed book plates available!

Getting together with a friend from my past! Diane was my best friend forever when I was living in Merritt Island, Florida. My mother and hers were best friends also. We had so much fun shopping, telling stories, trick-or-treating as princesses in used ballroom gowns, going to the beach, and attending the same schools. And then I had to move to Oregon, and she was still living in Florida when we planned to be roommates at college. But we've kept in touch, and found each other in the Merritt Island High School alumni, and then on Facebook. So it was with great pleasure that we were able to have dinner at the restaurant at the Dolphin and then walk along the boardwalk and reminisce! I'm honored to be Diane's friend!

At the From the Heart Greet and Meet, I won a basket of books! So now it's everyone else's turn as I give away books all month long!!!

So here are the three places I'll be today. :) Ahem, besides here! :)

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And here is another great review! This one's from Cathy of Book Hounds!

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