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I Saw a REAL Live Piranha Yesterday!
Swimming is part of the fun in some of my stories, but how can my characters swim for fun in piranha and crocodile infested waters?

Well, a real dead piranha actually! How fortunate for me that one of my coworkers had a sister who was in Peru just a week or so ago, visited the Amazon Jungle, brought home native pipes, and other hand decorated items, and a "stuffed" piranha for her brother. I say stuffed, but it looked more dehydrated, flat and skinny and evil eyed with wickedly razor sharp teeth.

Think of swimming with a whole school of them! http://www.karpuz.com/hayvanlar/piranha.jpg

Now, in The Highland Wolf in Paradise, I wrote about schools of colorful fish nibbling on the heroine's legs because in the islands, they do. But think of piranha nibbling on your legs and it's a whole different scenario!

Yes, welcome to my world of jaguars!!! Not exactly paradise! :)

Off to get ready for the day...

Anyone want to take a trip into the Amazon? Fish for piranha? There are excursions for both!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."