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Horrible Histories--King Henry VIII



Well, I'm still not feeling really chipper, but I definitely feel better than King Henry VIII's wives!

You know, it's all relative. As I was listening to an audio tape where a woman is accused of murder, and nearly loses her life, she's freezing, has no money, warm, dry clothes, is wanted, and well...it makes me realize just how fortunate I am to be just sick.


That's what I love about fiction. It's fun to read when you can enjoy someone else's misery, hopeful they will have a wonderful ending...and not really feel all their pain in getting there. :)

In my stories, Winning the Highlander's Heart and The Accidental Highland Hero, the king who is ruling England at the time is King Henry I. He had a ton of mistresses, and tons of kids. But at least he didn't have so many wives!

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Off to work on some more guest blogs. I swear they keep multiplying and I keep thinking I'm getting closer to having them all done, but they're like dust bunnies! :)

Ever find that a job you are doing keeps multiplying and is never done? Besides the dishes, of course....

Have a super day!


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