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Highland Beta Readers, Anyone???

What I need is a hunky Scotsman to read my current manuscript, like, let's say, Sean Connery, or Gerard Butler. Yes, either would do. Both would be even better.

What is a beta reader? Someone who reads your manuscript to see if it makes sense overall. Now, it doesn't mean a critique partner. But someone who reads for pleasure. Does the book work? Does everything make sense?

Beta readers can be a great help.

*sigh* So I need one. :)

Now, if I had a really well known Scotsman read my book, who endorsed it (this is not the purpose of beta readers, but if he was Sean Connery, then, ahem, yes, it would be marketable), then it would be a NY Times Best Seller. Don't you think???

So if you've lived in the Highlands and are interested in reading a werewolf romance...let me know! :)  

And if you have a book you're working on, have a beta reader or two read your work and see if it works or not. Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes. :)


"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


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He's not a beta reader, but...

Check out Alan Black here on Red Room. He's a hunky Scot, but I think he's a little leery of the Highlands. He prefers Burns and the Lowlands.

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Poor Alan probably wouldn't be all that much interested in a werewolf romance either. LOL :) Thanks, Katherine!!!