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Have You Ever Misplaced Something and...
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...it's really, really important, or at least it seems that way, and you can't find it???

What do you do?

First, I can't find my current car insurance card yesterday morning, so I could send in my car registration. Finally find it filed away in the insurance file, of all things. Then I put the bill in the envelope and all that shows in MY address, not the one I need to send it to. Hmm. Then after I fold it up so that THEIR address shows in the window, and it's all sealed up, I find THEIR envelope. The other was for some other bill.

So then I go to work and can't get in because... can't find my key. So I have to call and hope that the librarian who was there is close enough to see the caller ID and answer the phone and learn that I'm standing out in front, without a key to get in. So of course she thinks I'm calling in sick and she's going to be the only one there. :)

Do you see any similarities here? Nope. In the one case, the item was where it was supposed to be, which is why I couldn't find it. Except it should have also been in my purse, and in another location where I keep a copy for the car registration when it comes several months later. 

In the next case, I should have looked around a bit as the other envelope was on a chair right behind me. Why it wasn't on my desk where the other envelope was, I haven't a clue. But if I'd looked, and not assumed the tax collector had sent me the wrong envelope, I would have had it made.

In the last case, I looked in pants pockets, rain jacket pockets, purse pockets. And finally found the key. It had been in the wrong pocket of my purse. And I'd searched through every pocket (it has tons) several times already. But obviously just kept missing that one little pocket.


So that was it. 3 missing things. 3 things found. 

In Dreaming of the Wolf, Alicia mentions how a former husband never looked under anything. My kids were the same way. They never looked under anything. If it wasn't right on top, they'd holler for me to look for it.

But see? Now, I look under things...but just not in the right places. :)

What about you? Have you ever had a rash of missing in action items that you HAD to have and were playing hide and seek?

Have a super Wednesday! Yesterday was an absolute madhouse. I finally had to call our manager up to help check in books because there were just two of us trying to take care of helping patrons and were absolutely swamped. Today will be worse. It's kids programs day all day.

Terry, who is tired already!
"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!"

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The Ghost People in Hotels

I've solved the mystery of the missing people in hotels. Often when coming down in a hotel elevator will stop on a floor where someone had pushed the button, but no one's there. Now I realize those people have gone back to their rooms to collect what they'd forgotten.


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Mystery Elevator Riders

LOL, Barbara, I love it!