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Have a Few Audiobook Copies for Reviews....

 I watered yesterday in the heat because I have a whole lot of new trees and shrubs and we weren't supposed to have anything but heat, sun, wind, around 96 every day for at least 10 days. Looked out this morning and thought it looked awfully dark, right before we had a deluge. Soooo, the 0% it was showing for today finally changed to 100% until 6 PM. Someone must have looked out the window. :)

If you are love audiobooks, I have a few copies for the following books for review, so if you would like to listen to them and review them, just let me know. :)

Two Young Adult books:


And two adult historical romances:

  The Accidental Highland Hero

So if you'd like a chance to listen to an actor "perform the book"--and are willing to write a review...please let me know and I'll send you a copy. Thanks!!!

 Have a super Sunday!!!! Stormy or sunny or otherwise!!

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