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Goofing Off

I wish!!! Tomorrow it's back to work for me. Catching up on all the 3-D Character and Show vs Tell lesson assignments as this is the last day of classes, and now starting up Jumpstarting Your Muse and Happy Hookers is taking priority. Although the place that's offering the latter has not yet invited me into the class yet. :)

It's dark and cold and windy out, so we may get rain, or not. I have to water all the new  plantings no matter what because it probably won't be a deep rain even if we get one. :)

And I AM finishing my 10,000 words today. I might have gotten word count, in fact I probably  have, still typing changes and adding a couple of scenes. Twenty thousand done and 70,000 to go. :)  Which means I've got to get started on my next 10,000. Trying to decide if I want to go out and use my 40% B&N coupon on a book, or whether it's worth the trip into town. Wish it wasn't just through today.

I've been asked by the Toronto Romance Writers to offer my Happy Hookers course in Toronto next year, and I'm delighted. I'll be teaching it at Shreveport in the spring also. And yes, teaching classes does help to get your name out there. Now, the next job is to squish a four week online course into a 1 hour and 2 hour presentation. :)

But off to work on Plight of the Wolf for now before I have to move water hoses again. :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

Terry Spear


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