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Good News!
With 111 heat index in Texas right now, diving into the snow-filled world of Legend of the White Wolf in Maine would be welcome!

Don't you absolutely love this wolf? He looks really wild, don't you think? Probably because he is!!

Leidolf Wildhaven and his workout routine: I've been asked how my werewolves stay in such great shape! So here's the answer!


My editor said she loved my nonfiction article on wolves, so it's a go! It's always a real pleasure, and relief, when my editor loves what I've done! :)

I receive Google alerts when my name or titles are mentioned, and today I received a notice about Seduced by the Wolf and on the same page was an article about wild wolf pups born in Oregon. So here are a couple of fun articles to read.


This photo of the four new wolf pups was taken July 3, 2010. From ODFW.

This adult male from Wenaha pack was fitted with a radio collar on Aug. 4, 2010. ODFW photo.


So more confirmation of the wolves in Oregon! Who knows but that they might really be werewolves in disguise. :)

And I loved this review of Seduced by the Wolf:

Thanks so much to Debbie!!!

And to Wendy for this great review of Seduced by the Wolf!!!

Thanks, Wendy!!!

It's reviews like these that make me want to get back to writing on The Wolf and the SEAL!!

And I had an email from the editor for Monmouth University Magazine, where I received my MBA, and it's a go on doing a feature article on my books! So I'm really excited about that!

I had to see the doctor about my back to ensure it's doing all right, and for the move, I was wearing one of my wolf t-shirts that has pictures of two real wolves. She began talking about her dog who looked very much like them, and we got into a discussion of wolves, of alpha males and betas. :) I think she might become a fan. :)

So this was a TERRIFIC night of news, after a very long and hard day of moving yesterday. I have to go in even earlier this morning.

Hope you all have a delightful Tuesday!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."