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Ghostly Liaisons Cover--Twilight Look? by Terry Spear

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Emily Rundle’s curious nature causes her big problems when she moves with her family to Florida. First of all, she’s different. Really different. Then the nightmares begin. The kind she can’t escape. Somehow she has to unravel the mystery of the ghosts who plague her before it’s too late.

Michael Shipley just moved to town, too, and realizes at once Emily is trouble with a big T. If he becomes involved with her, his life will change forever. Premonitions he has that Emily’s life will be in danger forces him to make a stand to protect the girl who’s gifted with extraordinary abilities like him. They instantly bond as the two weirdest kids in school.

Both Michael and Emily have past histories, painful memories they’d rather forget. Faced with dangerous new challenges, they must overcome their past, threats at school, bullies in the flesh, and ghostly apparitions bent on a deadly game of revenge. What was once a simple matter, discover the secrets of the ghosts and appease them, becomes a race against time as Emily and Michael fight the evil that threatens to conquer them.  

I changed out the cover for Ghostly Liaisons because in the other she didn't have the right color hair, the picture is too small for some sites, and she didn't have the appeal that I wanted. So what do you think about the 2nd cover? I've added the full moon and a ghostly pirate's ship in the background since a ghostly pirate is part of the the story..... :)

My critique partner thought they looked like the characters from Twilight. They've tossed aside their vampiric abilities to go ghost hunting. What can I say?

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"