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First Newsletter Sent!
One reader says, "It's pretty fast paced with a spooky atmosphere, which kept me flipping the pages to see what would happen next!"
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I sign up for author newsletters like so many do because of free stuff, but do I ever read them? I would if I had the time, but I don't. Frankly, I don't have time to read hardly anything but the books I'm currently working on and every once in a while a book for pleasure.

But I hear other authors swear by their author newsletters. That fans love them. That they get thousands of subscriptions. But who wants to just hear about my book updates? I post about them everywhere. No need to get a special newsletter for that.

Free always sells, and some authors swear that giving away their books for free helps sales. Although I remember a publisher telling one author she had given away so many of her books (small publication) that there was no one left to buy them. On the other hand, maybe her next book would sell like crazy because all the winners of her first book would be dying to get the second one, and pay for it.

Rather than write new books to give away free, since I really don't have the time...working to get a 55,000 word count this weekend, which will put me a little ahead of the game on Seduction of the Wolf...I've decided to serialize some of my before published stories.  Bravenet free newsletter only allows you to send 10,000 words at a time, which can be a problem. My scenes are longer than 10,000 words and trying to cut them down at a good cliff hanger is a nuisance sometimes.

Will the free story newsletter help sales? Maybe. Maybe not. Many of those who signed up for the newsletter are already fans of mine, so it's my way of thanking them and giving them a free story until my next release is available. :)

So the problems with Bravenet newsletter? For the free version, we can't get rid of the spammer code, and I'm finding some who want to sign up, can't. I'm forwarding the newsletter to them. I've already had one response from a reader who liked the story so far. :)

Also, a friend of mine is on Verizon and it won't allow me to send her messages with html, so it looks like I'll have to send a separate forwarded newsletter to verizon customers in plain text.

I received this terrific review that made my day yesterday also, for Deidre's Secret:

By Just_a_Gurl (SF Bay Area, Calif) - See all my reviewsThis was an enticing book. The story line is imaginative and suspenseful. The creative writing style of the author really appealed to me.

The characters in "Deidre's Secret" are diverse and fascinating. It's pretty fast paced with a spooky atmosphere, which kept me flipping the pages to see what would happen next.

I loved the House of Night Series and the Sherry Mauro's books, but this one is just as good.


The satellite guy just came by to switch out my box so I can watch tv, which I haven't had time to do, so I haven't worried about it. And now I'm off to water some more, with 100 plus heat, everything is looking wilted. argh. And then it's back to Seduction of the Wolf!

Terry Spear