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Final, Final, Final A GHOST OF A CHANCE AT LOVE Edits!

I'm excited about working on these as it will be the final step in the editing process, but the work should be pretty well clean and reading will be more pure enjoyment as I get to read the story more for fun and know it will be out really, really soon.

My editor would tell me I'm using certain words too repetitively here, but it's for emphasis in a really, really good way.


I just received some endorsements also from Karen Nutt, Vonda Sinclair and Linda Warren's will be coming soon, and that's really terrific too! Thanks, ladies, for helping me out on such short notice. I've been wrapped up in so many other projects: wolves, jaguars, fae, edits on time traveling wenches and ranching dudes, that I wasn't thinking about the final, final product.

Hey, it's my blog and I MAY repeat myself. I'm excited!

And in a message from Deb at Sourcebooks, the cover art department is looking for the perfect male hunks to use for our next covers, so A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing is still waiting for its hunk. :)

Trying not to drool in anticipation here!

Also, I'm at Book of Secrets with more brilliant words of wisdom. Ahem. Yeah. So if you want to drop by and comment, chance at a free book giveaway!
Hope you all have a terrific Friday! I'm off today, but work tomorrow. And now I'm off to work on A GHOST OF A CHANCE AT LOVE!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."